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Alkaline water purifiers come in different shapes and sizes. Thus, you can buy alkaline water purifiers. That most likely will produce alkaline water that reaches a ph level on the alkaline scale from 7 to 14. There are filters anywhere from a single all the way to a 10-stage filter.

These filters are also called reverse osmosis water purifiers. They are affordable and easy to install with instructions. There are companies out there that will do this for you but you know that might be expensive so why not do it yourself.

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Hard water comes from the treatment centers. Because they add chlorine and other chemicals. Moreover, those chemicals are dangerous to your health. Because of so much contamination.


Thus, these are some of the chemicals and metals that tap water has. Arsenic, fluoride, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, mercury, and like I said before the list goes on.



Consequently, bottled water that turns yellow is acidic because it is only boiled treated water. Reverse osmosis has several filters and carbon that remove contaminants.


Alkaline Water

Thus, alkaline water turns purple or blue depending on the alkalinity. It is an indication of its pureness on a high ph level. Since I had invested in a 5-stage Ro system my health has improved greatly.  In addition, you can also find TDS scales on my website through Amazon links or eBay. Just look for water filters.



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