The reason why it’s important for us to drink pure water is that it helps regulate the body’s system. Our bodies are made up of 70$% water, lungs 90%, blood 82%, and bones 25%. And here I am about to let you know how to purify your water. Here I will show you how to how to purify tap water. Alkaline water will remove all contaminants and flush out your entire system including your kidneys.


The reverse osmosis water purifier is a purifying system that will remove all contaminants from tap water or any water for that matter. Not only will it filter your water out, but it also has a membrane of other different filters combined. To remove all the chemicals, diseases viruses, and metals. When you use a Ro water purifier, it will produce pure alkaline water that is on a high ph. Level from 7 to 14 on an alkaline scale.

Once again, water purification is a process that will remove all inorganic materials and biological contaminants, from recycled water. One major purpose of Ro water purifiers is to produce safe drinking pure alkaline water. Alkaline water is also used by a pharmacologist and meets the needs of medical, and industrial sites. So for safe drinking of pure alkaline water, it’s best to invest in one for you and your family to enjoy.


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To tell you the truth, no. I have discovered many problems with our city water. Even though they say it has been cleaned up enough to be drinkable I learned different thou. I also did a little more research and it shocked me to find out that our treatment centers are recycling sewer water. That is a good thing they need to clean up and filter water for people to be able to drink it. But to say that the water is clean enough to be drinkable. They are not treating ocean water or lake water or stream water. What water are they recycling? Sewage water folks. That is why E-coli is in it because that’s where it comes from sewage.

Yes, that’s right. Sewage is being recycled for us to drink. They don’t tell us what kind of water they are cleaning. why? Because they know we wouldn’t be buying the city water if we found out. We need to put some knowledgeable people to work on these types of facilities. They need to have a better solution for the contaminated water problem we are having in the world today. Yes, it is still contaminated with the chemicals they use like Chlorine and fluoride. The underground pipes they run the water through. These pipes contain calcium, iron, aluminum, and magnesium build-up.

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E-coli had been found in the tap water. What is E-coli? It’s a disease caused by animal and human waste. It came from cattle in streams and human waste. There are many contaminants in the water and here are a few to name.

Chlorine, Magnesium, Calcium but not the kind you find in a banana. Phosphate, Calcium, Zinc, Mercury, Copper, Aluminum, arsenic and increases cancer risk. Here are to name a few.


Hepatitis C.



Helicobacter pylori,


Fecal Coliforms.

These are only a few contaminants, there are over a hundred contaminants in tap water.



 One of them is from farming herbicides and pesticides. That’s why groundwater must be tested before drinking. Other ways are illegal dumping. No matter where or how you look for spring water, you’re not going to find it in the city that’s for sure. Thus, the solution to the problem is to invest in a Ro water purification system. You can also order the reverse osmosis water purifier to install underneath your sink and it comes with easy to install instructions.




BPA is a chemical compound that is made with plastic to help it harden more. And is used as a protective liner inside your plastic bottles, cans of food and beverage. Like 40 years ago the FDA approved the BPA because it is supposed to be safe and heat resistant.

There has been recent research on the BPA, and it has been proven to be cancerous. CNN reported in its newscast that it is not a good idea to leave your plastic bottled water in a hot car. The BPA will leach into your water causing you to get cancer. Thus, can and will cause cancer.

So how many bottles of water do people buy per week or per month? How much would it end up being every month? Like 60 or maybe 80 dollars. Depends on family size. So why pay that much every month when you can invest like 50 or more on a reverse osmosis purifier. Makes sense if you want to save money, right? You’re not only saving money but you’re saving yourself from getting an acidic body. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in.

 I had done a chemical test on a bottle of water and it turns yellow. The reason why is because it is a sign of it being highly acidic. Why do they say it is pure water when it’s not. I also did a chemical water test from the water purifiers water. It came out blue because it is a sign that it is pure alkaline water.


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