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When we drink water, it used to be, okay to get a glass and pour tap water in. But since I found out that tap water is not safe to drink. I stopped drinking that filthy recycled sewage water. ‘Now that I found out that the city has been treating sewer water with chlorine and other chemicals. They send it right back to us to drink.

That, to me, is not enough because of all the rest of the contaminants left in there. ‘Plus, the pipes are old and dirty, full of calcium, copper, iron, and magnesium. But not the kind you find in a banana. It would be in an inorganic state which is dangerous to your health and causes cancer.


Isn’t that awful?

That water then is being redirected into our city pipelines. Could you imagine how much calcium and magnesium build-up is in our pipes? Well, here is an example below. These pipelines are’ a hundred or more years old by the looks of it. They wait till something goes wrong to replace it. Like sewage overflows in the “manholes”.

BPA and plastic

BPA ‘is a chemical compound “that’s made with plastic to make it firmer and hard. The FDA had considered it safe because it’s supposed to be heat resistant. But recent studies show that certain high temperatures can make it leach into your water.

The BPA is the protective layer inside the bottle. CNN newscast had said it is not a good idea to leave your bottled water in a hot car. Because under certain ‘circumstances’ it will get overheated. And as a result, ‘will give you cancer. Studies show results of BPA that have proven to be cancerous to your health.

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Acidic Water

Acidic water will most likely multiply those acids already in your body. ‘Which will then be housing for cancer cells to grow in. Here below is a chemical test I did on a bottle of water. And it turned yellow because it is acidic. When I did a ‘test on alkaline water’ it turned ‘purple, and sometimes light blue. “Depending” on the alkalinity water quality. 



The Solution to the problem

The ‘chemical test on alkaline water always turns blue or purple. Because it is high on a ph level. Alkaline water is high on a ph level on a scale from 7 to 14. Turning your tap water into In the first place’ alkaline water is the best way to do it with Ro systems. Reverse osmosis purification systems. We also have portable water purifiers.

Under the sink, reverse osmosis systems are easy to install. You don’t need an expert to do it. It comes with easy step-by-step instructions. ‘When I got my first water purifier. My stomach is no longer in pain. Yes, it can also eliminate parasites that cause stomach and painful intestinal problems. My health started to climb up’ and’ felt more energetic. Not only does Alkaline pure water flushes out your entire system, but It will also flush out your kidneys. It also kills any acidic cells in your body that are housing for cancer cells to grow.






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What is Hard Water


Tony’s Purification Methods


Hard water has a lot of dangerous chemicals like Magnesium, calcium, iron, arsenic and the list goes on. And it will also cause erosion to the underground pipes. Tap water is dangerous to drink because it contains more than a hundred contaminants. Therefore, drinking tap water from your faucet is not a good idea.

Our city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water. They suppose to be cleaning it they say. With chlorine and other chemicals. so that it can be drinkable. But it is not safe to drink.

It also contains E-Coli that comes from animal and human waste. And E-Coli will cause some serious infections. To the point that it will kill you.


Yes, E-Coli comes from sewage water, and not a good idea to drink that kind of water.







One of the chemicals that they use to make the inside protective layer for your bottled water is BPA. It was, considered safe to drink like 40 years ago by the FDA.

But recent research and studies came up with results showing it will cause cancer. Especially when left in a hot car the heat will melt down the BPA and will leak into your water.



Consequently, it was tested again and has proven to give you cancer.



Thus, when water is chemically tested and turns yellow. But alkaline water will come out blue or purple depending on its alkalinty.


This bottle of Niagara water turned yellow because it is acidic. indicating that it is acidic. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow. Especially when left in a hot car the heat will melt the BPA and leak into your water. Whatever bottled water I bought, they were all acidic.

When I bought water from the water machines they were acidic. So this being found out, I decided to buy myself a 5 stage reverse osmosis purifier.


Chemical tests show that when water turns blue or darker it is pure alkaline. When the water turns blue it means that it is alkaline anywhere from 7 to 14 on the TDS scale.

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Alkaline Water Purifiers

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Alkaline water purifiers come in different shapes and sizes. Thus, you can buy alkaline water purifiers. That most likely will produce alkaline water that reaches a ph level on the alkaline scale from 7 to 14. There are filters anywhere from a single all the way to a 10-stage filter.

These filters are also called reverse osmosis water purifiers. They are affordable and easy to install with instructions. There are companies out there that will do this for you but you know that might be expensive so why not do it yourself.

In addition, find out who is responsible for the, 21,000 deaths from foodborne illnesses. Between the years 2000 and 2011 Reports ‘from the members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association. The tainted food has cost the food industry billions of dollars in recalls, lost sales, and legal expenses. Read more.

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Hard water comes from the treatment centers. Because they add chlorine and other chemicals. Moreover, those chemicals are dangerous to your health. Because of so much contamination.


Thus, these are some of the chemicals and metals that tap water has. Arsenic, fluoride, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, mercury, and like I said before the list goes on.



Consequently, bottled water that turns yellow is acidic because it is only boiled treated water. Reverse osmosis has several filters and carbon that remove contaminants.


Alkaline Water

Thus, alkaline water turns purple or blue depending on the alkalinity. It is an indication of its pureness on a high ph level. Since I had invested in a 5-stage Ro system my health has improved greatly.  In addition, you can also find TDS scales on my website through Amazon links or eBay. Just look for water filters.



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