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I have discovered a serious problem that we are having with our city water treatment centers. I have found out that they are recycling sewage water and sending it right back to us to drink. Do not drink the tap water because not only does it contain E-coli that comes from sewage water, but over hundreds of other contaminants that are dangerous to your health. So it is advisable to not drink tap water.

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Bottled water is no better because I did a chemical test on it and it turns yellow because it is acidic. That being said as some of you all already know, acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. Alkaline water will turn purple or a light blue because of its high level of alkalinity. And reaches alkalinity from 7 to 14 on the alkaline scale. So here are some of the contaminants it has to name a few.

Metals like Magnesium, Copper, Lead, Aluminum, Calcium, Lead, Iron, and Zinc. Diseases like bone disease, Gastrointestinal disease, Heliobacteria pylori, Bone cancer, Gastric cancer, and the list goes on. The reasons are simple. They cannot afford to install a reverse osmosis water filtration system because it would be too expensive to maintain, constantly replacing filters every 6 months or so.

So they only treat it with chlorine and other chemicals thinking this will clean the water. It may look clean cause that’s what chlorine does. But the metals, chemicals, and contamination still remain in the water. Cleaning it with chemicals does not kill or remove the rest of the contaminants that remain in your tap water.

And these dangerous chemicals still remain in the water. Plus, our pipes are probably over a hundred years old. This is part of the reason it has metals in the water. So, any water that goes through those pipes is actually full of metals like Zink, Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Iron, and cancerous to your health

So it is not wise or safe to drink tap water. As you can see this is what our city underground pipes look like before being replaced. It’s full of calcium and magnesium to the point of being clogged up and accumulated to the point rotting and cracked.


No! Here is why. It has been tested to contain more than a hundred contaminants. Copper, Aluminum, Chlorine, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium but not the kind you find in a banana or milk. It also has many viruses and diseases. And it will cause Hepatitis C. Gastrointestinal disease, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Helicobacter pylori, E-Coli that comes from sewage water. But when you invest in water purification systems, all those contaminants will be removed including the E-coli. Reverse osmosis systems will produce a high alkaline ph level from 7 to 14. That is why alkaline water is the best kind of purified water you will is pure and nutritional for your body. It simply just clean your whole system out from the acidity in your body. Plus flushes your kidneys and the entire system.

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Doctors all over the world are now recommending alkaline water. To achieve excellent optimal health. Alkaline water measures anywhere from 7 to 14 on a pH level. To define what alkaline water is. we must first refer to the pH level which is (Hydrogen potential) pure alkaline water.

Alkaline water is a type of ionized water that acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant. With the ability to help the body remove acidic cells. which is produced by the process of digestion. Simple procedures such as boiling water, or the use of carbon filters are not enough to remove contaminants, because they do not remove contaminants from your water, and only catch some rust and lead and not all the metals like aluminum, copper, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

When you boil water yes it will kill some of the bacteria but will also kill the good minerals in the water. And the leads and metals will only be multiplied and stay in the water. You are still drinking these metals and contaminants. Even natural fresh spring water is considered safe years ago for all purposes in the 1800s hundred but now it must be tested.  Because of pesticides and herbicides from farming, and agriculture.

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That’s why I came up with a solution to our city’s dirty water problems. Yes, I call it dirty water because it’s recycled sewage water, Yuk! Alkaline water also works as a natural antacid. It helps in neutralizing acidic cells from your body.

Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. So, it is important that we do drink alkaline water to eliminate the acidic cells from our bodies. It will prevent many diseases and combats common problems. Like fluid retention, acid reflux, digestion among more.

Our systems produce hydrogen alkaline water with antioxidants on a high pH level. Alkaline is a natural antacid neutralizing the acidity of your body. Also heals ulcers, gastric problems, and more. Alkaline is a powerful antioxidant that delays aging. Eliminating toxins, waste, and improves digestive systems back to your optimal health.

Regulates and balances the pH level of your body. Prevents disease by better increasing the oxygenation cells in your body. Using a reverse osmosis system, that will purify and will definitely produce pure alkaline water.


Water purification removes inorganic materials and biological contaminants. The major purpose of water purification will provide pure good quality alkaline water. Water purification also meets the needs of medical, pharmacological, chemical, and industrial companies.

Plastic Bottled Water

As you can see for yourself after I did a chemical test on a bottle of water. It turned yellow because it is acidic, refer to the chart above. But the test on alkaline water turns blue or purple because it is pure and safe to drink. They say that the FDA considered our plastic bottles safe to drink from. Otherwise, they would not have let them through the market, right? Wrong! In fact, CNN has already mentioned in the news that it is not a good idea to leave your bottled water in a hot car.

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The reason why is because plastic is made with an industrial chemical called BPA. Bisphenol-A. BPA has was considered safe by the FDA half a decade ago, but now recent research has found it to be very cancerous. Yes, it will cause cancer once it leaks into your water after you drink it. It will make you sick to your stomach. I have personally taken a picture in the summertime of a storefront with hundreds of cases outside in the hot sun!

WOW. Here is a picture above of all those cases of water they left in the hot summer sun, on hot pavement. Who knows where else those cases of water have been. In the hot sun or being delivered in a hot 18 wheeler tractor-trailer for so many hours or days to its destination. So you really do not know how long these bottles of water been cooking in the hot sun or not. This will result in you getting cancer from the leakage of the BPA in your water.

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