What Is Hard Water

What Is Hard Water
What Is Hard Water


Hard water has a lot of dangerous chemicals like Magnesium, calcium, iron, arsenic, and the list goes on. It will also cause erosion to the underground pipes. Tap water is dangerous to drink because it contains more than a hundred contaminants. Thus, drinking tap water from your faucet is not a good idea.

The screw-on filters are what people buy cause it is cheaper and are not good enough. Because it is not a reverse osmosis filtration system. And will not remove all contaminants.

Our city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water. They are cleaning it with chlorine and other chemicals. so that it can be drinkable. But it is not safe to drink. It also contains E. coli that comes from animal and human waste. And E. coli will cause some serious infections. To the point that it will kill you.

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Yes, E. coli comes from recycled sewage water, and not a good idea to drink that kind of water. E. coli is a disease that comes from animal and human waste.







One of the chemicals that they use to make the inside protective layer for your bottled water is BPA. It was, considered safe to drink like 40 years ago by the FDA. Yet recent research and studies came up with results showing it will cause cancer.

Especially when left in a hot car the heat will melt down the BPA and will leak into your water. So, again, it has proven to give you cancer. Because when it overheats, the BPA will leak into your water, thus giving you cancer if you drink that water.


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Bottle Water Is Acidic

Thus, when water is chemically tested, and turns yellow. But alkaline water will come out blue or purple depending on its alkalinity.


This bottle of Niagara water turned yellow because it is acidic. indicating that it is acidic. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow. All bottled water is acidic. I have tested just about all of the brand-name bottled water and they are all acidic. So this being found out, I decided to buy myself a 5-stage reverse osmosis purifier.




Chemical tests show that when water turns blue or darker it is pure alkaline. When the water turns blue it means that it is alkaline anywhere from 7 to 14 on the TDS scale. Alkaline water will also kill all acidic cells that our housing cancer cells to live and grow.

There is another processing food that cancer loves to thrive and grow in too. And that is sugar. Sugar is the no. 1 killer because it is the most addictive drug but the worst. After all, you eat it every day.

When I stopped eating sugar I went from 200 pounds to 150 back to my normal weight. I often used honey instead of sugar which is naturally sweet and not like table sugar.

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